Pink Jasper Medium Jazz & Ukulele pick  #2026
Pink Jasper Medium Jazz & Ukulele pick  #2026
Naturalcy Picks

Pink Jasper Medium Jazz & Ukulele pick #2026

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Pink Jasper Jazz stone pick - Can be used also as a Ukulele stone pick. Medium- 2.3 mm thick.

Pictures shows front and back of the Guitar Pick. Lighting and computer display may change the natural color of the stone.

Pink Jasper Properties: excellent healing stones that may give reassurance and support in times of stress and reminds those carrying the stone of empathy and love.

* What makes this guitar pick different? the pick is slightly tapered to be in line with the motion of the hand and fingers picking or strumming strings. Creating a finer, more natural tone when playing. It creates a crisp, clear sound. Smooth and highly polished to avoid any harm to your strings.

* Naturalcy Picks are guitar picks artistically handcrafted in USA from natural stones, none of them are exactly the same on color. Each pick is one of a kind.

* Naturalcy Picks semi-precious stone picks are Long-lasting, Easy to grip, Beautiful, and they create a clear, high quality sound!!!