About Us

Welcome to Naturalcy Picks! your Number One source for stunning natural stone Guitar Picks. Artistically handcrafted in USA, in the heart of the beautiful San Antonio, Texas.  We have 35 years of combined experience working with stones.

You know who we are.

Continually searching and hand selecting only the best stones for our picks, meeting our Quality standards and natural beauty expectations.

All of our stones are from our approved list of suppliers who only sell ethically mined material.

Our goal is to put in your hands a long lasting, one of a kind and breathtaking  stone guitar pick. Each pick is  beveled and polished to create action, tone and sustain that you can only get from stone.

By working with Professional players, we are able to see and hear the tone difference in the studio recording sound analysis.

Our stone picks are great for Shredding, Ripping and Riffs.