Flint Thin Stone Guitar Pick Item # 2303
Flint Thin Stone Guitar Pick Item # 2303
Naturalcy Picks

Flint Thin Stone Guitar Pick Item # 2303

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Flint Thin Stone Guitar Pick 1.66 mm. Item # 2303

The pictures shows the front and the back of the Guitar Pick.

Flint properties: Flint is beneficial to those involved in channeling, card reading, medium ship, and the like. This stone facilitates a two-way energy flow – from the earth up into the physical body and auric field.

*We recommend this pick for Acoustic guitar players. It can be used in Electric guitars as well. We do not recommend to use it for heavy strumming like Heavy Metal playing.

* What makes this guitar pick different? the pick is slightly tapered to be in line with the motion of the hand and fingers picking or strumming strings. Creating a finer, more natural tone when playing.

* Naturalcy Picks are guitar picks handcrafted from natural stones, none of them are exactly the same on color.