Brazilian Agate Thin Jazz & Ukulele pick  #2038
Brazilian Agate Thin Jazz & Ukulele pick  #2038
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Brazilian Agate Thin Jazz & Ukulele pick #2038

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Brazilian Agate Jazz stone pick - Can be used also as a Ukulele stone pick. Thin - 1.9 mm thick.

Pictures shows front and back of the Guitar Pick. Lighting and computer display can change the natural color of the stone.

Brazilian Agate brings an emotional, physical and intellectual balance. It centers and stabilizes the physical energy. It is also a soothing and calming stone.

* What makes this guitar pick different? the pick is slightly tapered to be in line with the motion of the hand and fingers picking or strumming strings. Creating a finer, more natural tone when playing. It creates a crisp, clear sound. Smooth and highly polished to avoid any harm to your strings.

* Naturalcy Picks are guitar picks artistically handcrafted in USA from natural stones, none of them are exactly the same on color. Each pick is one of a kind.

* Naturalcy Picks semi-precious stone picks are Long-lasting, Easy to grip, Beautiful, and they create a clear and high quality sound!!!